I have seen a lot of platforms for creatives and though WordPress is a beautiful place with thousands of creatives and amazing blogging spaces not to mention designs. I feel  when it comes to believing in its writers and what they do and provide especially in an era where videos are now a thing WordPress lacks that connection to its users and motivating them. For example Youtube, they rank you by views, they host various events, they monetise the content for advertising space and they make each achievement feel worthwhile. I mean yes you get the you have made the 1000 post notification but its not the same as getting a Youtube button plaque in your email or memorabilia. Also if you check it out we’re mostly just creatives liking, reading and commenting on each others work which is perfectly fine but our audience comprises of us mostly? But what would be cool is going on to Instagram and seeing an ad that says read this persons amazing post about “How to Travel in the Summer” or “How to Procrastinate”. I know we are given the title starving artists but you’d think such a platform would push to expand and break boundaries and stereotypes. I mean I know you can purchase your own website and monetise it but what would be nice would be if they said okay, get a thousand interactions (just saying) and you will get a free website for every month you do maintain that interactivity. Believe in us the way other platforms believe in there creators. I see on other writing platforms persons get movies and book deals all the time, and i’m not jealous it’s just sometimes you read some amazing things on here but I’ve never seen a headline with WordPress writer gets a movie and book deal. And don’t get me wrong WordPress isn’t the only writing platform that is set up in this particular way but I just feel like writers and writing has been thrown on a back burner to everything else and people don’t look at it that interested these days because it doesn’t appeal to them the way other things do.  But hey what do I know, all the things I’ve mentioned might be happening and I haven’t seen it and i’m just going off of assumptions but I’ve never heard someone say they’re reading WordPress and these are the blogs they’re following, these are the content creators they enjoy the most and to me that’s kinda sad. I mean the internet is so huge and limitless in this day and age. Then why is writing so so.


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