I’ve missed you

I haven’t been on here in forever. Too busy catching up to the world and watching mine fall apart. Updates: 

1. I’ve been working a summer job for 2 months now. I got a 3 day suspension unfairly. Its a story I’ll tell in another post.

2.  I met a boy but …

3. I have a 2 new favorite TV shows called Insecure and Stranger things. Going to try out Power tonight.

4. I am now addicted to spaghetti and meatballs. I’ll make a post about that too. Dont get too excited its a frozen food brand.

5. I almost quit university but I thought I’m in year 3 so I might as well finish.

6. I didn’t make enough money and my mom is mad at me . I guess she wanted me to work this summer and pay next semesters school fee. 

7. I’m still lonely and hella negative now. I guess I’m just always sad.

8. I hate people. I just want to live somewhere secluded by myself. In the middle of nowhere.

9. I’m writing a book lol. Just…

10. I have no feelings. I don’t feel anything anymore and now I hurt people now more than ever. And the most I feel is just sad.  I feel like Cersei after blowing up the courtyard with all those people and my last son has committed suicide.

I feel nothing. Just a bit a sadness. Just a bit of feeling like I’m already dead.


2 thoughts on “I’ve missed you

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  1. I see quite some negative vibes on this post, my dear. I really hope that things work fine for you soon.

    My request is that you shouldn’t get negative energy eat up your motivations and those little rays of hope. I would agree with your mom to some extent that you might have to work in order to pay fees for university. If there is some scope for a scholarship, please keep trying for that. Hope things would work well in the summer job and everything will fall in place. Keep writing the blog. Share whatever worries you or whatever makes you happy. Wish you all the very best.

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