In Another Life

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In another life I think I would’ve been a cross between Lisa Bonet and Toni Braxton. I think I would’ve been born in  the 80’s and a teen or young adult in the 90’s. Wearing short skirts, dresses and shorts not to mention short hair cuts with denim and spandex, bright colours and some fine ass dresses. I’d be blaring toni, destinys child and others from my speakers in my car. With a new hairstyle every  month or so, the maximum. I mean I remember passing or going into hairdressing salons and seeing all those gorgeous hairstyles on those 90’s posters and telling my mom which one she should get.  And yes my boyfriend would be Shemar Moore or some suave curly hair dude or just some suave looking nigga. Have you ever read the book Shy Girl? My 90’s would feel like that with a bit of christian girl Payton Skky from Stephanie Perry Moore and yes its one of my favs just a little bit too much prayer talk(if yo read you’d understand).

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But yeah my young adult years would’ve been everything. When I had breakups i’d listen Boyz II Men or Unbreak My Heart by Toni and my bad boy crush would probably be Tupac. And i’d want to end up marrying some gorgeous famous football player.

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My car would be apple green or red, maybe yellow same colour as my nails and I’d still have a smart mouth. When I was in love my song would be Monica- Angel of Mine,  Boys II Men.  I would lose my virginity to some smooth voice on the radio with that distinct 90’s RnB sound like If I ever fall by Shai, I’ll Make Love to You by Boys II Men or  Woman’s Worth by Maxwell. And i’d probably be married now with three kids thinking about young days. Missing them and my first love but also loving my present and feeling old.





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