I had some free time today and I was thinking about happiness. When I’m happy I tend to want to make people happy when I’m sad I want them to feel it too , all the pain and you  hate them just because they are happy . I love to laugh therefore I love to give jokes,  the laugh that makes your jaw hurt, lungs cramp and you start crying from all the laughter  building up inside. If something happens in my day no matter  how trivial it is I want no need to tell people about it because it made me happy so I want to the see the excitement on peoples faces. I like to see them feel good. It sorta also makes you feel good like your the giver of something, makes you feel high. But I realised that also bringing bad news or finding the negativity in your day to relate to people no matter how small can stress people out because sometimes they think its a bigger problem based on how your expressing yourself. You start and don’t even realise that you’ve turned bitter and  every time something happens you see the negative in it, it affects you and your health as well. The mind is a powerful thing, use it carefully. Everyday find something good out of all the bad to relay to someone and most importantly yourself.

Find something at least one thing everyday to be happy or grateful about. Just one. If you’re reading this i’m thankful that you would even spare a minute to read something I wrote. Time is the most precious thing to give to someone. All those minutes add up. It’s something you never get back and for that I am forever happy.

Find something to be thankful for. Also be nice to some one, you never know how much you can change a persons day or self perception. We’re all humans.

What makes you happy?



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