It is my second favorite holiday of the year! Christmas!!!!!!!!!! I mean summer is my number one fav because summer reminds me of movies and food, summer songs, summer flings , bright colored and witty t-shirts not to mention , parties and my Great Gatsby syndrome kicks in and I want to be Daisy so I can find my Gatsby ( because Leonardo Dicaprio was too damn fine in that movie). But Christmas is wonderful and i’m so pumped. (I just wished it was longer sad face). Six things that I like about Christmas:

  1. Image result for christmas cookiesFood. You eat like you’ve never ate before in your life. The ice cream, cake, meat, alcohol, potatoes, mac and cheese, vegetables, wings, ribs,sweats, soda. It’s the one time per year when my dream comes true and I try to be the fast food eating champion Matt Stonie and break not only yours but other family members records and eat until your’e sick. If you haven’t eaten until you have almost cried, you need to upgrade your Christmas. As a matter of fact don’t tell anyone you ate a Christmas dinner .

Related image

2. Pepper lights. There will always be something about pepper lights.The colours make you happy not to mention the ways in which people use them to bring out their artistic sides. They’re just so beautiful.

Image result for iowa sky in december

3.The weather. The sky is beautiful  and the air is fresh and crisp. Everything is just cool. And you get to wear those cute clothes that have always been too hot. You get to relax and watch your favorite Christmas shows.

Related image

4. Parties. Because this is where the alcohol and cute boys are. duh. You get to socialise, drink egg nogs, beers, tequila, vodka, rum and just booze the holiday away because everything is better with booze.  I know I sound mad young but i’m actually over 18.

christmas shopping

5. Shopping. Because everybody no matter how grumpy they are buys at least one thing during Christmas which turns into a Christmas spree. I don’t know about you guys, it might be just me because I’m a female and cheap but sales are life. Red and green are the colours that are in and everybody buys that one hot red sweater that you will wear with leggings and matte red lipstick during Christmas.

Image result for the grinch movie6. The Christmas movies you see every year : the Grinch, Home Alone, Scrooge and The nightmare before Christmas and some random Santa Claus loses his memory or has a son who is to take over or Christmas will be ruined. If you have not seen any of these during Christmas. What holiday are you in? And if you’re a religious person belonging to Christianity you get into the theme of this month being the birth month of Jesus Christ.

What are things you like about Christmas?


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