Women were cursed.  I mean from you read the bible before Eve even ate the apple we were cursed. First off we were only made as an after thought. A thing really because man got bored. So I guess for entertainment purposes . And y’all wonder why we got so many Instagram thots and why we’re so over dramatic. We were never intended to be made. Secondly we doomed the entire world by eating an apple and frankly men and ourselves won’t forgive us. Thirdly we get monthly cycles with searing womb pains. It’s as if we are being ripped aside from the inside. The most discomfort men may feel is when they have to close their legs and their balls don’t have enough space to drop. Fourthly , pregnancy. We have to carry them for nine months and go through intensifying bone breaking  pain to have children which sometimes end in our death. And people love to say especially men “it’s a gift”. The hell? The baby is a gift , pregnancy is a nightmare. Can you imagine a woman’s vagina splitting open. Stretching to push out a whole baby ? Fourthly we are on the receiving end of sex. We get the pounding. All men have to do is stab. Not advocating violence but you get the drift. We have to feel the pain, and the stretch. Women have to literally take everything. Lol no wonder I’m a virgin. Fifthly men can have sex and walk freely from responsibility. The woman will always be stuck with the child. Not to mention the double standards. Men are known more as men when they have multiple sex partners women are known as whores.  Sixthly we have to squat to pee. You can just point and  shoot. Seventhly (is that a word?) Men can have sex with no proof of them being a virgin. Women bleed, they have something  called the hymen.This is a membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening. It’s like opening a brand new gift. So unless you wear tampons. They’ll know. Lastly women were made with fantasies and romance and love dancing in their heads and big red hearts and men were just made to break them. All they do is update their Facebook profile and info and move on from one woman to the next. They don’t have much care or feelings unless they feel to. It’s like a switch. Plus men don’t have to worry about their physique or being handsome. They just have to look good and smell good. And a man that smells good is life. You just need to wear a good cologne and I am yours, I just forget my name and everything. You don’t have to say anything just let the cologne do the work. I’ll follow you anywhere lol. Seriously anywhere. You can either have money or a huge penis or just a rocking personality. Women have to do so much to look good. We have to shave , we have to wax, women even end up doing butt and all those surgeries to look good. They have to worry about being tight, irreplaceable, pretty, nice personality, we get used and abused. It’s just a lot of fucking responsibility for a human after thought. Plus men get more pay and position and respect. Men just have it easy.I mean you guys can keep starting over your lives until your 120yrs old. We can’t after menopause. Plus we have to do housework. Women just get the rough end of the deal.



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  1. Well, that’s too much of ranting in one day, kiddo. In my part of the world, there is a flip side. No one gives you their daughter in marriage unless you look good, talk good and earn really really good. We toil lots and earn in order to put dinner on the plates, pay the bills and enable the women of the household enjoy their shopping. If you care for your woman, you are henpecked, and if you don’t you are too macho! There is always a flip side of it all. 🙂

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