What I did today

Life has been spectacular. You know showing up to classes, walking with an extra swag, breaking hearts and shit. I even met some new people you know, maybe future friends. I’m just on a roll and the thing is if you met me in real life I don’t swear out loud or much. Most times internally when I do swear and I guess on wordpress I feel like i’m streaming in my thoughts. Woke up this morning, did laundry,  showered and raided a guava tree with my room mates, ate breakfast, watched a snippet of Girlfriends that was on tv. It’s about Jones complaining that the guy she is with is gay only to find out he’s a sex addict. It was so funny. Is anybody here a sex addict? I think sometimes if I was having sex I might turn out to be a sex addict.Sigh , okay more or less turn out to be one. But then do you have to have sex to be a sex addict? I guess that’s why the sex comes before the addict.

So I watch some Youtube music videos, check my emails a kachillion times and just idle on social media a bit (twitter etc.) so I can delay doing any actual school work. And what do I decide to do next? Go on wordpress because I feel like I haven’t made a post in so long.

So i’m just home for the day because I have an evening class and i’m just hanging with my room mate who heaven knows I can’t stand sometimes but she’s nice. Don’t know why I chose so many evening classes because it’s creepy in the evenings on campus.  But i’m not much of a morning person. I feel for fast food today. Think i might order some bbq and fried chicken with fries and soda. I mean there is no point in staying all skinny for people and their messed up perceptions. I’m kidding I can eat a ton and not get super fat. Going home tomorrow. This semester I feel more alive. Is it a good thing I don’t think so. But who am I to say this early in the game.


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