I’m back at Uni and life starts squeezing me by the throat. I also realize something. I’m more rash nowadays as if I’m trying to get God or deaths attention. I’m normally the person who calculates the distance between steps before I start walking down. Now I’m the one that leaps of the railings to see if I can jump over all those steps (22 to be exact). I guess my barrier broke because honesty just comes out without thinking of other peoples feelings. I’m even more into taunting guys than I was before . I think its the rush you get when your doing something the world doesn’t  approve of or just doing what you want.It makes you feel alive. It’s me playing with fire ,passing my fingers through the candle flame praying I get burnt. I don’t want to do uni , I feel my life has frozen still. I want to go. Somewhere anywhere in the world. To just be. And I feel like no one can stop me. I think the problem with me is I’ve never been a bad child for fear of my mother. But then again I’ve always developed late. I can feel my grades slipping and life being squeezed from me and the only way to breathe is to do something outrageous that haunts the mind. So this semester I can solemnly swear I’m up to no good.At least my experience list will soon be full. I just want to be free. I feel like my life is some how summed up in the trailer below. 


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  1. Grades going down is indeed a concern. But even more is the feeling that you are not doing fine. What we need to understand is that, there are certain things that are well within our control, we can influence certain other things, and there are a group of different things that we can’t change or influence. So if you think you are doing the best you can for things that are within your control, I think that is reason enough to be happy. Cheer up! The world is big. But running away from a situation doesn’t normally ensure that it wouldn’t happen in a different place or position. Take things head on, and make decisions only when you are calm and peaceful. All the very best to you!

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