I think we all have our breaking points. I’ve found mine.I’m tired of the cycle. I get something, I lose it. Some people get and never lose it. And its not investment or  a how to win book. It’s just life being unfair.And when people win who have nothing its just life’s cruel joke to make you think it’s fair.That somewhere out there exists a balance.I got paid, i felt proud. And then my flight going home is my entire pay check. So now I’m on my sisters couch broke ad hungry. I feel like some of us would be better off dead than alive. It’s like the man in the Greek prison from this book I read when I was 12yrs old “Greek Heroes”.This man is to roll a boulder up a hill for that is his eternal punishment. However when he reaches almost at the peak, he’s standing back again at the bottom of the hill. And he wears himself out painfully everyday hoping in an endless cycle that one day he will reach the top. I am that man and I know I will never reach the top. I might as well let go because that’s it. 


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  1. First things first welcome back! The Greek story you’re referring to is ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ written by a French philosopher named Albert Camus who wrote a lot of good books, I think we’re all similar to the Greek figure pushing a rock uphill without any ultimate end goal in sight but Albert Camus asks us that we imagine Sisyphus happy in his absurd punishment, sometimes that’s all we have that will keep us from thinking that there has been a tear in the fabric of our constructed lives, sorry I’ve been reading too much philosophy since you’ve been gone & if you’re stuck it could possibly shed some light on any complicated questions you may have been wondering about, but until then take care x

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    1. That is the book! Thanks for reading my late night over exaggerated rant lol. I’ve missed your comments. However I can’t picture him being happy . I think I might have to disappear for a while longer because you get more attractive when you’re philosophical lol 😁😊 take care x

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