I haven’t been here most summer and summer is rounding up to be finished in a couple more weeks. But we still have time! It’s still summer ! Lol my days have been hectic as hell and oh my stars have I missed you WordPress.I have not had anyone to express my dearest thoughts to, so let’s just say I’ve been looking forward to this day. So let me give you the update I’m currently hanging out at my sister with her husband and my brother. It’s pretty fun but I miss home. I mean its where the heart is and I miss my mom and dogs and bed which altogether is a huge chunk of my heart.

I worked at a camp this summer and for the most part some of the people were pleasant and awesome . My supervisor who was a guy, he hated my guts. Like he really hated me. He made my life hell. I cried so much and wanted to go home because I never did him any wrong for him to be giving me all this attitude and I literally just wanted to tell him to fuck off and give him endless eyerolls. But instead I killed him with kindness and he made disparaging remarks to me and I just didn’t care after a while. And then it was over, camp ended! And I learnt something valuable that life is going to be like that and you can either cry and dwell on the bad parts or you can be kind and dwell on the happy parts and ignore the ugly. 

I feel like I found a piece of myself this summer and that is good. Its like a piece of me that was waiting for me at camp and therefore I feel more confident in myself and ability to take over the world. Just kidding. But overall it has been a great summer filled with tons of fun moments. My only looking back right now was not telling that guy to fuck off. But I think that is what maturity is all about. Knowing time and place and when to just let things go. 

Also some of the people were as fake as ginger in curry. If you are going to be anything in this world. Be real. Have a real conversation, do not give I out fake compliments and such. When people give the fake , stiff one minute smiles and compliments it annoys me. Its like your wasting my time. What do you want to really say? Do you want to be having this convo? It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad just be you. Do not kill yourself in the process to be polite. Not being polite is thinking people don’t know fake from real. We all have brains no matter how small you think they are.

So now I’m just shopping and chilling and being me !!!!

What have you been doing all summer?

Let me know!?


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  1. That was a very practical lesson that you learned at the summer camp. I think that pretty much tells us how we should be facing life. Sad to know that your life was miserable at the camp, and you had days of tears. Now that the camp (and the summer) is over, let’s see how things are at your house when you are back!

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