In a couple of hours I will be boarding the plane and soaring to new heights, adventures and people. And quite frankly I am scared as shit. I have knots in my belly and spiders running down my spine and I’m breaking out all over due to jitters. I am a mess. My suitcase feels overweight and  I have packed every item I currently own so I can only hope it’s not overweight so they don’t charge me my life possessions to get through. I can’t wait for the plane ride (and no the bastards did not give me window seat), it’s what I look forward to the most however the people is what that has my intestines all up in bundle. My mom is happy because I will be leaving, she doesn’t understand my predicament because it’s not her that has jumped into a mid life crisis it’s me. Told her about my anxiety and she tells me I’m weird. Very comforting. This is not what the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants looked like.This is definitely not Sex in the City and for sure not Cheetah girls. Thanks Disney. So we’re going to leap into this motherfucker like we were born to swim and we are going to take this head on. Yes we WordPress because you are coming with me. Let’s show our balls and bitch slap life in the face. I’ll keep you posted. Pray for me because I’m going to be taking care of kids and thank goodness not people.


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