WordPress readers what we have here is pure beauty, it is art! I have found my calling, I have found my passion in life. It’s rare when videos grab my attention the way tipsybartenders You Tube does. They contain humor, beauty, a sexy man voice and most importantly alcohol and creativity and alcohol. So I sweat out my summer days watching videos on how to make a sexy margarita, a jungle juice and not to mention shots. I can’t sleep because i’m up watching how to make cocktails and lick my pussy shots. This channel is just beautiful, pure beauty. It’s rare when such beauty in life such as alcohol gets recorded. Am I a alcoholic? no I hardly drink but this channel makes you live through it vicariously, this You Tube channel is life in a bottle and preferably in a glass.

Sidenote: If you have the ability to create drinks like the ones on tipsy bartender you are a true artist and if you are male, hi, my name is alexandria and i’m yours lol just kidding or not …..lmao

But seriously if you can make this drink below I am yours, just tell me how you want it. I will make your dreams come true if you make this lol. Okay imma stop now…..(whispers)psst…contact me

What are you doing these hot windy days or nights?

Whats your favorite drink ?!


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