I haven’t been outside in days. I’ve been holed up in my room watching television series and scathing through social media. I don’t sleep at nights I stay up until it hits around 6 or 7 in the morning I sleep until 5 or 3 in the afternoon. The world is quiet at nights, I overthink and end up in a non alcoholic stupor where I listen music and laugh like i’m crazy. My back and arms are starting to ache because I guess laziness hasn’t been carved into my bones and my body isn’t used to overdose on bed rest. I am going to mail in my job applications this week, and start exercising. I can barely keep awake and I think my night life is catching up to me. Lol plot twist I don’t sleep at nights because I’m meant to be a stripper or prostitute. It ended well for Pretty Woman but then again real life and the movies often tend not to correlate. So i’m going to sleep so I can wake up around midday and act like the world owes me shit. I had to check my phone to realize what day it is. Sleep beckons…. Good night wordpress. Says the bat. You know I’ve been watching Gossip Girl a lot. When I was in my teens that show was my life force. Who didn’t want to be rich and pretty with handsome boys and the world at her feet at 15. You couldn’t tell me shit after I watched an episode. I was fire, I’d step out with that cream bow on my head like I was made queen. Back then my greatest fear was being liked by boys and men and especially to be pretty. I wanted to be beautiful. I had to be the prettiest, the most perfect. If you were quiet you were seen as smart. I hated high school and if I had my way I would burn every inch of it down in an hour . But cheers to the girl now that stays up late and hides behind walls. I want to travel and see the world. Meet and see different and new people. I feel like the world is spinning and I’m missing it. Every single inch of it. I just wanna run and be wild like those horses in the wild in those lifetime movies. Well i’m going to watch pretty woman again when I wake, I can’t seem to get the hype but maybe this time watching I will. Mumble Mumbele…………sweet dreams


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