So we didn’t go to the beach but we went to an amazing bar and grill and it was fun. Flirted with some guys, they bought us some drinks and had some food. I’ve been writing poetry, cleaning the house and terrorizing my mom, affectionately of course lol. My dogs have been a relief, they’re like a piece of my soul, following me everywhere I go. And as per usual I have been hooked on television series and shows. I don’t know what it is about American Horror Story because I don’t really like horror films, series, shows or anything. But no matter how creepy it gets i’m up after 3 in the morning watching it. I watched two great love movies today. One is Colonia and Emma Watson from Harry Potter is in it and it’s beautiful. The other is a bit cliche it’s The Choice and I felt like it’s a combination of most predictable romance novels. Speaking of I need to start reading some books.If you guys have any suggestion let me know.

It got me thinking and I realised I wanted to meet someone and fall in love but I don’t. I think well I have to meet his people and friends and I have to actually hang with them. I’m not one for crowds and introductions and getting people to like me and relationship building. I’m too lazy and I wonder why I don’t have much friends. In real life i’m Dr. House from House.That also makes me realize that I’ve never really looked much at the word “house” just learnt it and moved on. But the point I’m trying to make about my revelation is I like being alone, i’m comfortable, it’s safe. I’m shy and an introvert. Even if it’s watching the world passing you by. I just cant be bothered with relationships and people. But maybe one day a guy will annoy the life out of me or just the purest person i’ve ever met and i’ll maybe fall in love with him. I just don’t want an ordinary story. Because i’m a bit complex and the rarest most amazing people you’ve met in life stick around me for long. And ordinary is boring, I want a story worth telling. If I fall in love I want to hear the piano playing in the background like in the movies even though no piano isn’t there.

And my friends they ask a lot. As if their afraid i’ll go nun or lesbian on them or worse just dry up and get old and grey. I wouldn’t be much  of a nun i’m too wild and full of questions, mischief and spontaneous. I wouldn’t make it. Besides a life without sex. Lol if i’m dying lonely i’m dying with the knowledge of what dick feels like. I’m going to save my money and live right next to the beach with reggae playing in the background or soft old music or just soft music and just dance away my days like nobody’s watching. They say i’m hard to tame, but you only tame horses and not people right?



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  1. Beautiful thoughts. You fall in love, when you are ready accept someone as they are, instead of what you want them to be. So feel open and ready to accept what life gives you. And yes, people can be tamed. Life tames people and mold them according to circumstances. So watch out for that as well!

    About books, I would recommend that you join a social media for book-lovers (such as Goodreads) where people like you and me read books ans share their views. So that you can have a more detailed list of precisely what all kind of books you would like to read. I could have made some plain recommendations, but I am not sure if such books would give you great reading time.


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