School is out and you can feel the summer heat lapping around your veins. My University course has ended and I feel like this year, my first year has been a turmoil. Last semester I was happy, full of life. This semester i’m sad,tired and contemplate life and death more than I should. That maybe death is soft and quiet just quiet. I don’t want company yet I feel abandoned and ridiculed. I feel like no matter how much good I get and do I get bad in ten folds. I might upload some beach pics I’m going with my room mate this Friday. Update you guys on the ways in which my life has turnt. I guess I can feel summer.That’s why I haven’t been to WordPress in so long because all my posts are getting sad, and the life in me is gone.


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  1. Yay have lots of fun in the summertime! [cant wait to see your photos!!!] There’s nothing wrong with overthinking life & death, I think about how I want to die all the time.. …yes, you haven’t been on WordPress much and I do miss hearing your thoughts on life 🙂

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  2. Spring/Summer is the time for rebirth and to reboot. We’ve all had those thoughts and are sometimes overwhelmed by the minutia of life. The tedium of it all. But don’t despair. The highs are worth it. Soak up some sun, feel the breeze and dangle your toes in the water… Life is beautiful and so are you. Nothing better than cool mornings, warm afternoons and HOT evenings. Enjoy

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  3. Think positive. Let every bad experience add to your learning and wisdom. So never let turned down. Drink lots of water, read lots of books, keep visiting the beach more often, and have a wonderful Summer 🙂

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