Today I collapsed. I got lazy and expectant. A combination this world doesn’t approve of. My over 3.0 GPA felt like I had already won. But now I was starting to fail. I can’t grasp that I have less work, more sleep and less early classes and now I can’t even carry in an assignment on time. Now all I want to do is cry and get hit by a car. I’m dead inside, feels like my organs are the only thing alive. I wanna go home. I wanna hug my dog and cook for my mom and tell her jokes and countless stories,  most times the same but due to an overactive imagination you’d the think they were new. I miss my dad. The way he always tries to feed me more food. I miss me. I miss things I never had and I this is why I cry. I feel like to just stop breathing and just float for this life. I just wanna go home and I just want to stop feeling  depressed and crying.


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