Why can’t women approach men and ask them out on a date? Or walk up to them and get that number? Let them know you like the way their buns clap in those work pants. For all the gender equality talks y’all make and you cry over how no guys never approach you and anything a man does a woman can do. Then just like all those other traditional rules you break you can break this one too. Guys are shy too. Some of them don’t have that instinct and die old and alone and dryed up. They’d never ask. Then at the funeral his bestfriend will be ย ” He was waiting for you Agatha, all those years he loved you and was waiting for the right time.” I mean if we did this maybe guys will be more well behaved. Because now they experience the uncomfortableness ( a word?) and the schemes we have to plan to get out of the weird convos. We wrote Inception. We invented the Matrix.

Lets start going up to guys and asking for their number. Tell them we like how their hair is laying on their head tops. That every time they shake their leg your looking out the corner of your eye to see if anything is shaking. Let them know the thirst is real. Carry them out on a date and romance them with poetry. Talk about sex and relationships the whole dinner. Ask them how many holes they poked before they reached you. You know what? Tell him you want him and you have feelings for him.You want to bed him like how they lay lobsters on cabbage leaves. Be straight up gangsta. You want a bae and he’s looking fine. Add him on the gram, fb and whatsapp and let him send you those booty pics.

I mean the worse he can do is laugh or say no. And that is why I don’t do it. Because I’ll end up looking mad thirsty and bat shit crazy.

But if you can pull it off………

Besides doesn’t it feel weird.

But for real though what if I were to be the one to tell a guy how i felt. Tell him that without him I couldn’t breathe. That life had gotten slow and light stopped shining in places. That every time I go somewhere I look for him, imagine him. That he’d never know how important he was or how much it hurts. That every time you fall asleep you picture him laying beside you telling you ridiculous jokes and you can feel his boner through the sheets, and your just staring at something so beautiful being alive. And all you can think is this is a dream and nothing more than a dream. And you pray you never wake up. For this is a dream you want to die in.



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