Just up thinking what it would be like to have sex under the moonlight. Heard this  song by Kranium titled Moonlight where he says he wants to have sex with her under the moon light, that kitchen and bedroom sex is boring and that she should open her legs extra wide. I am addicted to this song. You guys can listen below. It’s a Jamaican song sooo you might not understand all the lyrics but the few you do get in English tells the story.

I think this is going on my bucket list. Have sex under the moonlight. Maybe even while high.

Would you have sex under the moon light?

Would you do it while high?

I know i’m up late and I have school work and need to be more productive but blehhh.

I just can’t stop dancing to this.

Wonder what sex with Kranium is like? hmmm. Probably big, maybe it swings lol.

Under the moonlight!

xoxo your bad girl


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