There is always a beauty in it getting colder. Also it feels like your body’s mating skills kick in too to keep you warm and alive. It’s during the cold times you normally yearn for physical attachment. I like when it’s cold there’s something fun about putting on tons of clothes and keeping warm. The air also feels crisp, clean and clear and it reminds me of early mornings. I love early mornings. It also makes you feel like you’re in one of those wonderful snow movies like the Revenant. I don’t really have much to post, New Year ended with a bang. This year I feel is my year. On the friend scale I’ve met some people. They might be potential friends. But i’m hoping my awkward personality doesn’t send them running besides I believe that the ones that truly and really stick around are genuinely your friends or supposed to be. As of late i sleep during the days and is up mostly during the nights. I am most times watching a movie and for definite always watching Supernatural. There are a lot of series.  Supernatural is one of my favorite series shows. There’s something about it that you can’t help but love. My favorite is forever Dean and then Castiel second. I’m not that much of a fan of Sam. His acting is par and he’s okay. Going to watch Joy and some other movies soon and catch up. I haven’t given a day details in a long while. Thinking of going for a walk to the Pharmacy tomorrow to buy some candy, I need to stretch my legs plus I have a letter to post. I’m also here daydreaming about being cool, you know going places and people thinking i’m the bomb. I wanna travel. Thinking of changing up my blog again. This is my first official blog post for 2015! And it’s boring as hell. But if you can stick through this boring blog post then you can sit through the interesting ones as well. I feel clean and crisp. I’m really on a high note. I mean this year I feel good. Genuinely good. It’s been a good a start for me. And i’m letting nothing worry me. As they say. No worries.


Later babes.



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