By this time on Facebook i’m scrolling through and I see all the bitching. The fake friends posts, the emotional ones about people in love celebrating new year together and these are the most boring and pathetic ones. The relationship advice and personal advice about “Cutting people off means your strong” “If he loves you he will give you the world”.

Really !!!?

And of course the new year new me crap. Everybody listing out there future aspirations/ dreams and as Drake said “We gon’see !”. Because half of you aren’t going to do squat. The other half will probably forget half of what they set out to do. And the truth is if majority of us had wanted to do what is on the list then we wouldn’t need New Year Resolution or an occasion. You would just do it.

But really stop all these posts about life and all that crap. Like you just received the most wisdom in 2 minutes.


You who have to post a new years eve picture to verify new years day with a new year’s day pic in a tasteless collage to show that you have already started to change or the new you has already happened. +sigh+

And we wonder why we are termed the ‘Generation of Idiots’ by the ‘literate’ few. And if you have to kiss someone on New Years day then go kiss your damn mom. All you relationship people, no one cares. Honestly we’re probably wondering why y’all are so thirsty for people to see you in a relationship or to get attention.  And men thinking this is the best time to get sex since all the females will be partying , high , drunk on New Years Eve and trying to start on a clean slate the next day.


Anyways Happy News Years bitches ! Ringinng in the new year with some rum cream on ice. No new me, improved maybe. Who cares anyway.

By tomorrow you would have all realized it’s just another day . But one to be thankful for surviving. No partying for me. I just want to stay home play some soft music, sip my drink and watch the countdown and fireworks display on tv. Like my grandma probably does. Sometimes old people have more fun than the young. Sometimes you don’t want to be young.

Gonna pop open some chips and get the sofa warm.

Aint no new me! pshht. I don’t need no fixing or polishing or reinventing. Like you a transformer.

Happy New Year !!!~

yeah yeah later babes




Add yours

  1. You made me laugh! But I agree your thoughts are honest. Yes, it is just another day, afterall. The sun will rise from the East, birds will continue to fly and telephones shall continue to ring.
    Hopefully principles of gravity also wouldn’t change (exception, if you have a hangover from the previous night). Happy New Year anyway. Try to make it one notch better than 2015 in your own terms! 🙂

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