It’s that time of the year when you hear all the lonely songs and you see all the couples parading about. Everybody wants to end the year or enjoy it  with some one. And it’s cold and you’re on break so it means your horny. You just wanna have sex like rabbits or is it reproduce? You get the point tho. Pornhub has never been so boring and guys have never been so limited. And masturbation if not applicable anywhere else in life is now key. So if I don’t make it into the new year, I dried up like an old fruit from a lack of sexual activity or combust due to hyperactivity and heavy friction.


No one , nobody , anyone, anybody  donot comment under neath that i’ll get through it if you are getting action. No advice if you’re getting it for the holidays. Misery loves company. Except if my misery had attracted the right company I wouldn’t be shaking right now like a sex freak. Hey I could run naked  :). No, that’s a bad idea. Disney is the reason i’m not getting any. Telling me to find a prince and get married when all I wanted to be was a hoe. Drat. My fingers are shaking. See this is why I can’t stand Christmas. Shows how much I always wanted to fall in love and get married. lol, right. Especially Mills and Boon. You caused this.With all your stories beginning, climaxing and ending the same. Climaxing ….Snap out of it.You get the point.

I hope you aint getting none either. It makes me feel better inside. Don’t mind me it’s just the horny talking. Until I jump off a bridge screaming ” I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE” .

Is it me or if you haven’t masturbated in a really long time and then you suddenly do it, it’s like the best climax you have ever had or you never had sex in awhile and then you do it and it’s the bomb or the best sex you ever had?  Maybe it’s just me. Oh well. Carry on. Random thought. Just wanted to know if I was extra weird.


Later babes 😉





Add yours

  1. I don’t know if there is a perfect answer to that, but yes, if you get it on after a long period of abstience, you are most likely to either have a lovely experience or a disaster. Been to both ends, so I know what you mean. Have a nice time (even if you are alone!)

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  2. Yes! it can be frustrating to say the least, not to be getting what you want. I will have to say sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and make the things happen that you want to happen.

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