I’M FREE !!!

Yes exams are finally over ! University has made me appreciate the finer things in life more than I use to.And by that I mean sleep, free time and food. You try and cram all the series shows you have missed in a two hour time span, listen to all your fav music in an hour and watch movies until your eyes burn from staring at your laptop screen too long until 6 in the morning. Because guys life is precious and so is time. And you sleep until evening and wake up feeling like you were tied to the back of a pick up truck and dragged through a mountainous range. I can’t oversleep because when I do; I wake up extremely tired with all parts of my body aching. Like you were doing so much exercise to get the perfect body because it was going to ย bring all the boys to the yard (lil mama reference).But i’m free and I can now get up to insane, incredible and completely ridiculous schemes. Not to mention it’s my favorite season in the year.Yes I am free at last bitches. And there’s no stopping me.

And Christmas is just the icing on the cake. Now I can post and annoy you all everyday and life is good.I’m eating food again because i’m home. Going to the supermarket tomorrow and going straight to the ‘Junk Food R Us’ aisle.Humming Christmas tunes and looking at the overpriced Christmas food then later clothes along with get rid of 2015 sales before the new year tunes in. And somehow feeling the cool weather gripping me makes me smile. The Grinch would be proud. But even he wouldn’t ย be significant without Christmas. Can’t wait for the pepper lights , Christmas movies and yes the advertisements. It’s also the time of year moms complain extra that we do nothing in the house “Jenna she does absolutely nothing all day, just lays there watching tv and scratching her buns, let me tell you she didn’t get it from our side of the family, we were so responsible and active back then. I had to make a Christmas cake and egg nog all by myself this morning .Thank you I do try .” Then Aunt would reply ย “Jimmy does the same thing except he doesn’t come out 0f his room.”

We all know why Jimmy doesn’t come out of his room, because he’s always cranking his machine. Not to mention the atheist and the xmas people come out and they choose to fight with the Christians to X out Christ out of Christmas every year or start some long debate about why we should believe in Santa Claus.

This is getting long. So moral of the story. Christmas is entertaining and I miss blogging and I contain the mischief in me .Because I’m free bitches and freedom comes with a price. *wink*


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