It’s that time of the year when it’s just a couple weeks or is it days to final exams and you haven’t studied however you have been procrastinating by checking your facebook page every 10 minutes, watching the new maze runner movie ( which is Sooo good by the way maybe even epic kinda felt hunger games ish but still different in its own way and better in lots of parts)and forever wanting to sleep.What happened to the girl who stayed up all night to do her assignments ย and study ? It’s like all your fuel is burnt out and all your left with is dry dust and smoke .Constantly tired and griping.I’m just tired and can’t be bothered, I just want to be lazy.Work is annoying .And that’s the thing this is all happening when it’s crunch time.This is when I shouldn’t be sleeping much less eating .I need these grades.I can’t fail now.Or i’ll never forgive myself but i’ll still eat and sleep and somehow that seems good enough.I’m going to work until I can’t breathe and shake off this laziness.Then eat and hibernate through Christmas. Every time I think about Christmas I get hungry and all I think about is food.I’m hungry.Wonder if I should go on Youtube ? mhmm. DECISIONS , DECISIONS.



Add yours

  1. Encourage yourself and get prepared in the mind to be back on track. Prepare a rough outline of a typical daily routine which should help you get there. Keep following, and keep promising yourself that you would remain on track, come whatever may. You shall be fine.

    All the very best!

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