Ever since I have arrived at University walking to school in the early mornings has been euphoric.You breathe in and success hits your lungs , failure pushed out.You feel like you could almost fly due to the amount of freedom you have under your wings.Lesbians find you attractive and to guys you are something to use in their never ending list of needs.You have a blog.One which people actually read.

Parties keep every night , liquor is always on sale.Even in the morning.And you wonder why do they drink so much , smoke so much weed , party every night like the world is ending and fuck like we’re going extinct.Then work started,time started to move faster than I could,work came everyday and tests  everywhere.By the time I could finish a project another one started.The world started to spin and before you know it I was slipping.Air moved through my fingers and I was huddled up in corners studying every night …

And somehow through it all it’s actually been euphoric…..


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