Since arriving at University I have been enduring back breaking work.No, really.My bags are heavy from laptops and sweaters and enough gum to hand out to a lecture class.Why?.Because apparently the AC is set on one volume and therefore the lecture theatres are extremely cold and not to mention boring which explains the gum which doesn’t always work out.Because lecturers don’t care anymore about being appealing.They read a slide and e-mail it to you.That’s it.Yes they save the interactions for the tutorial classes.In my opinion they could just send us the power points and give us that free time but due to the fact that some of us are irresponsible and don’t respond well to ‘doing it yourself’ we get readers because they aren’t really teaching in my opinion .Plus sometimes extra points are elaborated on when they feel generous.

They want to give you ungraded assignments as well.Tell you to participate in extra curricular activities .Am I a robot ???

Have we evolved and not known it.They were right , robots were going to be created by 2015.We are walking robots and don’t even know it.The irony of life.We become what we are trying to create.

They have stairs that lead to Rapunzels window.I can’t deal with so much exercise.I can’t be sweating and tired when I arrive at class not to mention school because the damn University is so big I am doing a walking marathon to class.It’s not cute.I gotta go study I got an exam on Monday , project on Tuesday , power point on Saturday , Group.. you know what I got mad work to do.

Where are the parties?The cute guys ?Wild girlfriends ?Crazy fun?

I knew that Selena Gomez movie Spring breakers was a rip off .Lol probably it’s because it’s not spring break. Aleast A Different World(tv show)University life would be great.But it aint happening .It will happen and become great when it’s supposed to .I’m gonna go study.

Because contrary to popular beliefs robots actually do study.

What is my life ?



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