Embarassing things happen all the time. You either laugh, cry or blog about it. It was early morning and my bladder kicked in. It happens on occasions when I am extremely sleepy and tired and comfortable.You are having one of the best sleep you have ever had in your lifetime. So I fight the urge but the sleep starts getting interrupted by the nagging sensation of wanting to pee. I enter the bathroom, turn on the lights. Pull up the door and I start  peeing.My room mate walks in pulls open the door .My va jay jay is violated and the shock and panic and the urge to scream, cover up, roll and die is strong. I have never been so violated in all my life.

And she just stands there for a second staring and then she apologises and closes the door. Now I talk to her but it is hella awkward. You just feel violated around her. My poor va jay jay is traumatised. I am scarred for life . How will I ever heal ?

Well now I lock all the doors… and windows.


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