I arrived Monday pumped , tired because sleep wouldn’t let me live and more confident than a cockroach.Classes are going fine until boom.I have to get a damn password to get internet access and to get notes online.So I go to computer.Computer tech sends me to accounts to ensure i’m fully registered.Accounts security guard tells me to print a paper I don’t need.Then ‘NONE’ of the whole half campus filled with computer labs plus printery isn’t printing.What kind of University am I going to .Why did I pay my money to go here? What’s wrong with me ? Then I beg a previous student to help me get that sheet printed.It takes a whole hour and i’m not exaggerating for the printing to decide to push the paper out …………………………………

The computer moves like a old man with arthritis in winter and I couldn’t log on because I didn’t get a password to get internet access………………..What  am I suppose to do ?how am I to print??? This generous guy prints for me and pays and I head down to Accounts.

Accounts and Finances inform me i’m fully registered and I should receive my password and the paper isn’t needed.They tell me to go to Computer Technician.I am at a 4 right now out of ten to getting  mad and this lady is talking to me softly because she can see that i’m about to go Hulk in this place.

I go down to Computer and the technician takes my info and says he’s going to put me on the system the next hour or so and it’s almost late evening and i’m not on the system.So tomorrow I will be at a 4.5 and I tried to be nice.But !!!

Then i see a sign saying  (bear in mind after I have paid and deducted my fees that first year )students are not allowed to get an enrolment refund .On a tiny white paper in accounts on there notice board.Something is seriously wrong with this place.

Worst University !!! I just started and i’m tired of you all and it aint even school work.Just to show I make good life choices.I am so tired of them.What the fuck are you guys running ? It is a joke , a big fucking joke.

And i exaggerate but not this time.Annoying.Damn annoying !!! Feel like i’m in one of Dante circles of hell and don’t know it.Goddamit.



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  1. These large organizations can be very frustrating. True you are now a number. Well you did ask for new life experiences. The University systems across this country train you to be cattle, stand in que and wait.Dealing with this will teach you a lot about dealing with life after you graduate.It’s negative I know but once you decide to become water and flow everything will get easier. Also learning this frustration early will help you anticipate what you need to do before you approach the situation.
    The experience and knowledge will be very worth it.

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      1. Thank you. I thought I might be a little too preachy. When I started school way back in the 20th century I was so aggravated by how I was treated. After all you spend all this money and you only get grief in return. Don’t get me started on book costs and lab fees. All of that is unbelievably frustrating. Though what I learned about patience and dealing with faceless bureaucracy has been invaluable. For me it was better to laugh and go around it than to fight it. Some prefer the fight. Now I work at a university and in my capacity I do my best to make it easier for our customers by cutting through the entrenched attitudes. I think you will love the experience there is so much to learn, so many people to meet and so many events to attend. It’s worth it.

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