Am I ready ? No , but sure nervous as hell.I want it to be the best experience of my life, better than high school.I want to participate in extra curricular activities and be a little more active than I was in high school but my schedule is so packed you wouldn’t believe.I have classes every single day.I don’t even know what time i’m going to have to study.I hope I do well I tend to get complacent and lazy.

Girls are looking forward to getting high , drunk , wild sex and parties that you want to last for ever.Boys that taste like heaven and fun .Every parents dream.But most of that has already happened for them in high school but for me its whole new world , its a different world(tv show).I’m sharing room with this girl from another high school a bit younger than me by a year or so.Pretty.I hope she isn’t a bitch , I can’t deal with classes and a bitchy room mate and I have a feeling she’s a bit stuck up.

What i’m looking forward to is just good new experiences and freedom.

The change and move is different and new and unnerving .Nothing is familiar.Nothing is the same.

Cause I feel nervous like i’m about to fly.

All those boys.Those cute boys.

I’m moving tomorrow.Lets see how it goes.Finger crossed.



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