Now when Dante wrote of the nine circles of hell in his poem the Divine Comedy he was writing about you all , yes rude people.

Being rude and disrespectful tells a lot about your character.It shows that you are lacking self worth because you enjoy putting other people down.You respect other people the same way you want them to respect you .With your disrespectful ass.What happened to positivity, swiper stole it from you this morning on your way to chocolate mountain? When someone is rude or disrespectful to me .I give them the look , you know the look that says “You disrespectful sly ass motherfucker , I should pimp slap ass your ass right now,slap the living shit out of you, put your damn ass in a corner since you being childish ” .

Then count to ten smile and go my merry way but we all know there’s a limit.

Yes there is, there’s that one cashier , person , sales clerk or fellow colleague that you retaliate to because we try and we break.And at that point you should run.Because I will make sure your rude ass gets shamed to the maximum. Because bitch had it coming.There’s a limit to every thing.You having problems in your life doesn’t excuse you being rude.You have to learn how to balance life crisis and your relations with people.And hey I practice One Love , I love all people .I will give you a pass but if you are overly rude no , you don’t get a pass.Your reaction can mess up somebody’s day.

Now I am very , extremely , super  protective of my parents and if you disrespect or be rude to either one.God help you .My parents are my everything and it breaks my heart if you disrespect either him or her.You apologise.I am not taking no for an answer.Thy are precious and you don’t disrespect the most precious things in my life.I will go Hulk  .Scratch that I will Kung fu panda/killer bean on your ass.

So to all you rude/disrespectful people out there be nice/polite to people it might surprise you.It could change your entire day. Positivity takes you far in life ,places where negativity never will.



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