Why do people view death as the evil bony guy wearing a black suit ? Why are we so over dramatic ? .We tend to view things we don’t understand in the worst way possible.It’s the end of life and we don’t know what’s going to happen next .Some of us hold on to our religious beliefs.But who says death is going to be the worst thing that ever happens to you ? .We want to hold on to what we know ,is familiar with and love all our lives but you can’t …You have to let go at some point.Nothing lasts forever in this world.You get one chance and that’s it.

Death might be the most beautiful thing to ever happen to you.And instead of wearing the black dress and carrying the scythe death could actually be a beautiful man or woman in white handing out your favorite candies.Im just saying it might not be as bad and spooky as you think.

Perceptions are a hell of a thing.Why not perceive the best.

Ever saw the Lord of the Rings when Frodo looks ย and says , “Sam ” all teary eyed , with the most beautiful white light and the largest and most perfect ship you’ve ever seen when it was his time to go to the other side after he had finished his duties in the world and you picture Enya playing in the background .What’s wrong with that ?

Even the devil has glowing red eyes and horns and fangs , tails and claws .If the devil was an angel why would he look like that ? Have you seen him? I mean he might look like Tom Hardy with tons of lighting and prettier eyes with huge white fluffy wings.Again we over dramatise.He might look like that(tail and horns , fangs ) on the inside but if he should bump into you one day you probably wouldn’t even recognise him.

All these visuals do is to promote is fear.


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