GENTE DE ZONA!!!!!!!!!!

I know I should be sleeping , I have work at 7 tomorrow but being the team no sleep and the short term thinking person that I am ,I am up listening to gente de zona dancing and getting my Spanish on and so tomorrow i’m going to feel like i’m dying literally from exhaustion and lack of sleep.Not hearing or seeing shit, shaking like an old person and not remembering a thing due to lack of sleep and exhaustion. So now not only am i stupid and a fuck up at work , now there going to think i’m a crack head with a bad personality.Life just keeps embarassing me.Give me a break will ya? , Just give me one, one for the team.Oh and tomorrow is the first i’m eating lunch at the cafeteria because everybody knows i’ve been binging at the same restaraunt across the street enjoying peace and quiet and comfortabilty (is that a word? I really need sleep) .The guy said it so loud to me infront of everybody”Everyday you’re at that shop!You need to change your location , you can’t eat there everyday , people must know you and mark you , it looks bad” then somebody said “Oh that’s where she goes ” If ever someone could evaporate or ‘die’ instantly from embarassment that would be me and the right moment.And I do not want to be cremated.Fine and rare things in life like this body should be put in a museum titled “Best body the world has ever seen ,world stop, carry on now…pretty on fleek” .The second guy in the video , the younger is everything ,the one that has the first verse .I have always been in love with Cuba,everything about it down to its Spanish.It’s a beautiful place and on my top three places .I mean its where dirty dancing 2 happened.


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