I just finished watching Game of Thrones , and I realised that when ever something bad happens to Daenary her dragons show up.For years when bad things happen to me I always pictured my knight in shining armor turning up and saving me or me being blessed with super powers or martial arts or take on a character who I thought was strong.For years he never showed up.Until I realised I didn’t need a man to save me .Visions of happiness and perfection are just illusions to make me feel safe and comfortable, relaxed , a future prediction that never comes true but makes you feel complacent.

My mistake was believing someone would save me when all I needed was to save myself.I just needed to find my own dragons.According to Game of Thrones that’s all it takes to become Queen.

But you know what I also realized it’s tacky to always be rescued.If you can’t ever save yourself , what are you in this world?.The meek shall inherit the Earth not the weak.And people never remember or respect the weak , only when they are mentioning the meek.

So I’ve decided and this year for my birthday I want dragons.Because let’s be honest who doesn’t want to fly.


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