It feels old here the newnessity has worn off.I know it’s not a word .I’ve been thinking about pen palling for years but first i’d have to find a pen pal and a sane , non violent stalker kind.Somebody who enjoys writing letters and doesn’t want to talk on the internet.But i’d think not ,its better to be safe than sorry.We always have to be looking over our shoulders and over thinking everything.That’s how bad this world has got.Can’t have a pen pal without thinking of freddie vs jason, or a horror movie happening.

Life has been a roll coaster.One minute i’m happy and on top of the world and the next i’m ready to cry my eyes out and jump off a bridge and scream my lungs out.Another time overwhelmed , angry , sad.I don’t know whats wrong with me.No its my time of the month .I’m just emotional I guess.

And plus i’m mad horny too.I day dream about sex like there’s no tomorrow , so now i’m walking around  always wet as hell. It feels good but its so frustrating.Guys think they have it rough.All I want is a dick.A hard one.

I remembered a woman in a newspaper article once who couldn’t stop having an orgasm, up to 100 per day.She had  one every 30 seconds.Huh .I’ve never heard of hit happening to guys.

I just want to be bent over a table and fucked..How do nuns and monks do it?If you have that kind of mind power , you can do anything.Because denying the greatest urge ,which causes us to procreate ,is a different kind of strength.

I’m just gonna chill and watch shows today and daydream.It must be a hormone thing.I cant keep changing underwear.I’m just so wet.

You might be totally uncomfortable after reading this post but that’s what happens in real life and horniness is apart of.

Is that a word.There’s a red line underneath .It must not be.



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