It’s one of those days that your memory goes and all you do is daydream.It’s when you buy kfc for dinner and it tastes like shit and you feel a burning sensation in your stomach and wished with all your heart you hadn’t eaten any.It was what you were looking forward to the whole day , your junk food binge and all that oil and  grease jut makes you feel sick.

I watched a romantic movie and I saw a guy I liked and acted like a total jack ass coming home .The people who I recently met think i’m a screw up or fuck up.That I can’t do anything right.I’m too weird , too much to myself.They don’t like me .Nobody ever likes me.They laugh at me and make snide remarks.When will I ever grow up out of this nightmare .There’s no escaping it in my life.

It’s just one of those days .When all you want to do is cry and re rewrite your life from the beginning .To not be so off.To fall in love.To have people like me.

It’s just one of those days I tell myself, go at it again and it’ll get better.I’m going to go cry myself to shame now.Hope your having a better evening than I am.

It’s just one of those days.


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