I get these bunch of stupid spam more like hundreds every day.It’s what we don’t look forward to when we open our fucking mail.You skim through just to make sure the President of America or Queen of England didn’t message.Who knows I might be royalty ,I can just feel it .I realised when I was younger and watching the Princess Diaries.

I can could be a wealthy Arab princess or the next fierce ruler of Ethiopa .Who knows i’m keeping my options open.But I will never know because I can’t find the time or patience to skim through anymore so I delete the whole fucking thing.And by the time I leave and come back another one pops up like a pimple.

But do they ever work?

Does spamming ever work?

Maybe on the old naive generation , the ones who aren’t tech savvy.Or the slow young ones.But who believes they instantly become over night millionaires and to cash in you have to give cash and bank account to aid the transfer ?

I don’t know if you’re too trusting or just brain dead.If I could earn $10,000 US per hour just doing online work or clicking a page etc don’t you think everybody would be rich, instantly.Why would you be dying to share such a secret ?

Beauty and social security , dating sites , diet are just a few.Does it ever work and if that site s genuine why would I trust you.You sent me spam .I can’t forgive that.

Its the most annoying and almost useless shit.And you know what Yahoo tells me to do to get rid of them?

You can block the email addresses.If I don’t have time or patience to skim i’m supposed to sit and try and block a hundred plus spam.I’m not superwoman.

Do not open spam , it confirms that mail was received and you will get more.Thanks yahoo.That helps with the current two hundred spam that wont stop coming even if I don’t open them.

Create an alternate email .So if Kit Harington decides to confess his undying love to me and it ends up in spam then ? I go to the new alternate email .I have to go through those and it would be like going through them in my regular account.How does this help ?! Not seeing makes the spam go away? .Oh boy.

Yahoo needs to advance its spamming protection.You can’t be a top email provider if not the top and be letting all these unimportant spam fly through.I just need my fucking mail, is that too much to ask for?


2 thoughts on “DOES SPAMMING EVER WORK ?

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  1. Hell yeah spamming sux!!! My Aunty fell for it & it took me soo long to convince her that she was getting ripped off. [she’s not all their] I strait up feel like chocking the mother#ckaz man

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