I don’t know if i’ve already complained about this but if yes let me gladly do it again.To all you people who keep posting under celebs pictures”omg this looks so like you” or “you and her look alike so much your’e practically twins”.Stop it.These celebrities are most time the most flattering/pretty/handsome ones.

Stop it.You know good and well your Chinese friend doesn’t look like Rihanna or Katy Perry.This girl knows she doesn’t look anywhere near Rihanna and then comes the reply “No , that’s so not me”.And for the gullible friends who actually believe and say thank you.It must be behaviour wise because you know damn well , in no way possible are you looking like Riri.

Stop doing it , it’s embarassing for those people and more so for you because now every body after they analyse your friends pics for celeb DNA they gonna analyse the liar best friend or ‘friend’ page.

For the instagram models or hot chicks after following your pages for maybe half a year why am i tired of seeing you.Because the first times I be like yes ! slay! that outfit is sexy ! that body is fire ! .Six months after seeing your pics gives me chills because its dead , boring ,same old .Lets be real seeing the same room , same outfit , same hairstyles ,same model pose every week for six months is tiring and boring.

Sometimes it’s the captions too that tell me you aren’t that up there intellectually or your maturity level is below five years old.And that kills the whole vibe because now you just regular .Great body and boring mind.A great body is everything but when someone opens there mouth it kind of changes the physical perception a bit.

You can also try different poses apart from face and booty shots and the random boobs.You aint got no other body parts or you always have to pose in random tight clothes and underwear.I thought y’all were supposed to be models and creative.People get paid in the pictures section to do all of that on porn hub.Not that I visit porn hub.

Oh and guys a nice watch and chains and jordans , a little sentimental quote about getting money gets old too.We have rappers already who do that .Have you ever tried being yourself.I know in your crew it looks cool but material things get boring too.How come I never see y’all posing with a book.Or a caption saying “Gonna study” or just something else you like to do.

And do something else apart from face shots and gym pics and overexposed ab pics because while it is greatly appreciated they also have a porn hub section for that too.Some times a little change is good.

We get it waist trainers , diet teas , hair growth pills,weaves,clothes,makeup and teeth whiters.I don’t need that shit.The problem with all of us is instead of being healthy were trying to be perfect or be like who we think has achieved perfectionism.

What are your instagram peeves?

Do share so we can grumble together.



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