So I just got finished watching Fast and the Furious 7 and it was good .It was a long time coming and the stunts were really good ,they definitely stepped up there game for this one.I saw people raving over this new movie over all the others and yes it was good but it wasn’t all that good.I even realise some people who weren’t even a tinsy bit of a fan of the franchise were the ones screaming at the top of there lungs and changing all there wallpapers to fast and the furious .

I understand death and that for someone who is as popular as Paul Walker it’s going to attract a lot of instant fans , who just want to be a part of something current or in the news no matter how positive, traumatic , or negative this may be.You will always get these people.When Michael Jackson and so many others who were public figures died people who laughed at them and disliked them jumped on the wagon because everyone else was.If you’re not into mourning a public figure that’s fine but don’t be changing your instagram and fb into a a public mourning site when you know it’s just to get attention or join the crowd ,you know it’s not genuine.

And people lets be honest I adore Paul Walker I thought he was fine a couple years back and his death was awful.But he wasn’t the greatest actor alive , he was okay maybe even good in some parts but he wasn’t all that acting wise.I understand emotions cloud judgement but he wasn’t no Heath Ledger.

When the Rock came out in those tights shirts , with all those muscles , looking extra fine .I said take me, pop this pussy like it’s Christmas.I’m ready.He was mad fine.I know I sound thirsty but if you saw Dwayne you would be thirsty too.All the blood drained from brain.I was like ‘damn!’.




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  1. “I understand death…”
    I totally get what you mean! I hate how the media use an actor’s death to publicize a movie or song like how they did with 2pac.

    “…he wasn’t no Heath Ledger.”
    I love your taste in everything!!! I think Heath Ledger, Dwayne Johnson & King Leonidas are f#cken awesome & I soo can’t get enough of your blog right now 🙂

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