Believe it or not I used to be worried over the wrong things in life and now I’ve realised that some of those things I was worried about wasn’t necessary , was stupid and a complete waste of time.But that’s what maturity is for .Growing and realising that not everything is as serious as you think and that there are more inportant things to life and that while your worrying life is passing you by.Just let go.

I used to try to alter my personality because I couldn’t understand why I didn’t have ‘enough’ friends, try to be cool.You know be like the cool kids .I thought hair was ‘it’ that the hottest hairstyle got you the hottest boy , the freshest and sexiest outfits would let me be seen as this hot model rich girl.The right make up would make me unbelievable pretty.I used to wear some tight ass hairstyles that made my head hurt until one day I touched my scalp and it was bleeding.I said no this was too much.I stopped it , I was so frightened.

Now I wonder what was wrong with me.Now I realise that like everybody else I was going through the phase of trying to fit in.That people’s opinion of me would make and break me.I wanted people to love and see me.Nobody fits in we’re all different in a different way.There’s only one of you , just one in the whole wide world and that alone should make you feel pretty special.

So now that i’m older I realise yes I love pretty clothes and neat hairstyles and makeup just like the next girl but I also love myself and want to end up looking like me.

So I stopped worrying about people,life,grades and boys and just give my complete hundred percent because that’s all I can give and I won’t have any regrets and I will still make a fool of myself .Random days i’ll be talking too much, annoying , stupid and just too shy.But i’m human.It’s what makes me along with my mistakes and humiliation.Neither us nor the world is perfect and i’m not going to pretend I am.

So stop worrying.Things will fall into place.

Because worrying is just a type of fear and for some reason right now i’m feeling fearless.


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