This writing has it’s days .It may not be perfect writing with big words and figures of speech splashing across every line but yes this writing has it’s days as simple as it is.When it get’s boring , tiring , see no reason behind it or just plain old . You want to give up because why would you want to write about random things for the days of your life to random people  .You’ve never stuck anything out before, you shouldn’t start now , it may start snowing in the Sahara Desert and raining hamburgers, all over the world. And that’s when I finally decided to blog not just for me but for the world , for mankind,think of the kids out there who’ve never had an hamburger.Somebody asked me why blogged. I blog because I want to end world hunger.


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  1. Well I did what you asked us to do, and I am going to stick my head into a hole in the ground now and never get it out again, you can just feed me by injection or something like that, but don’t put anything in the other end of me. It’s an exit only side no entry accepted no access for anyone stay out violators will be shot on site.
    Now I can’t sleep.

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