I’ve seen people do it and no I do not want your microwave tea .It isn’t tea , well to me .Tea is to be delicately prepared with a tea bag and boiling kettle water.If I drink microwave tea I would feel as if i’m ingesting toxic substances and will soon die from cancer .I know it’s time consuming to put a kettle on but that’s what makes it tea.That’s what makes it special.Does it even taste the same when you put it in the microwave? We have gone to far now in this technologically advanced era ! I draw the line at microwave tea ! I refuse to put my tea in box that emits radiation.

I don’t know if it’s”healthy” .I see articles saying it alters the water particles , due to structural isomerism and therefore not healthy because the water isn’t really water .Others that the tea doesn’t heat properly , you have cold and hot spots going on in the tea cup .Some say it’s perfectly healthy , nothing’s wrong with it . For me i’d rather wait and make my own tea using a kettle or just go without if it is not possible due to time constraints.I’d rather be gassed up like a balloon on the fourth of July parade than drink some microwave tea .There are things a microwave can heat for me but tea is not one of them . Not tea.

What about you ?

What’s your favorite tea flavour by the way ? Mine is ginger mint , if you ever try it , ginger mint is everything ,it’s to die for.




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