I cannot fall asleep if my feet aren’t sticking out .The rare times I do sleep with it inside is when it’s so cold here that they go numb so I wear socks but besides that whatever the temperature my feet has to be sticking out from the blanket .It just feels restrained and like it can’t breathe under the blanket and therefore if they aren’t out I have a mini heart attack and I get claustrophobic ,they have to go out for me to fall asleep . So i’m writing a blog about my feet , what is my life ? .I wanna go to India , I just saw a video of India and I was like wow ,  it looks like such an awesome experience and it’s so beautiful .Of course you have to go with people /friends so you can enjoy to the fullest but it would be so dope travelling there and learning their language , viewing their temples . Alright India you’re on my bucket list .Also I would have posted a picture of my feet but they camera shy and ain’t got no make up on .

Sleeping position ? I’m mostly comfortable on my side but I get comfortable in most positions but sleeping on my side is the best . When I was younger and I still don’t , I can’t sleep with my back to the door .My bed is situated in the corner and if I sleep with my back to the door I will be having panic attacks because it feels like a horror or serial killer movie is about to start and i’m the first victim . You feel like someones watching or whispering to you behind your back or some creepy monster is going to eat you . Yeah I wanna see what’s coming through that door .So my mental ass sleeps on the side facing the door .

I watch too many movies  and read too many serial and monster books. And the irony , that is my least comfortable side .When I sleep on the other side , so comfortable , sleep orgasm .

Also according to my siblings I sleep like I’m starring along side Jet Li and they have battle scars , so heaven help my future spouse .

So there you go , not only am I literally fighting to breathe in life but so too are my feet .




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