I am fatigued of the same old same old .The way I always comb my hair every single day because i’m too lazy to try anything else , reading the same topics on social media sites and delving into celebrity life .Furrowing through gleaming and perfect instagram shots . Stalking the same people . The same day dreams , food ,obstacles ,emotions even emoticons .The same reactions to the same situations , the same situations just different props .It’s exhausting .

It’s not funny anymore !

These mundane activities I go through everyday , the same things , it’s like somebody’s replaying my life tape for kicks and I want it to stop , I need it to . It’s like you’re playing a tv role and you can’t hop out .Like when the trickster the demi god Loki who was really the angel Gabriel locked Sam and Dean in favorite tv shows and to get out they had to play the part .

The same people , the same problem with them , you always reach the same situation with them .And the common factor out of it all is me . So maybe I’ve been rewinding my own tape because it’s comfortable , expected , safe .The same disappointments ,the same achievements , the same fear .

So i’m gonna stop it all like a stop watch , get rid of the problems and barriers , situations that lead to the same place .

I just need to find the remote . I searched under all the chair cushions .

Who has the remote because the tape needs to play ,because every since i’ve realised it feels like i’m living in a fucking nightmare , I’m just so tired of my life rewinding .

I just need some air .

and a shot of tequila .




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