I am up because somehow sleep has eluded me tonight and therefore I am huddled in a corner with my eyes squeezed tight staring at the blue and white glowing screen . What woke me up however was the constant humming of mosquitoes .I don’t know why no one has ever made their spirit animal or insect a mosquito because they are determined, fierce and elusive .They deserve their own kung fu move ‘ jab of the mosquito ‘ .

Because these blood sucking , hym humming bastards find there way into places that are not even possible .Just last week my uncle nearly clapped off his balls / testicles / low hanging grapes because a mosquito decided to venture into unknown parts .Because of a single mosquito my uncle probably can’t have kids .

p.s.the perks of being a woman . hehe.

They wait until you are comfortable all wrapped up and then they start serenading you. I believe the sirens told in greek stories were turned into mosquitoes by the Gods to continue plaguing men  .Then you start clapping and before you know it they are under the cover . And yes you wear mosquito repellent , dressed in your full suit of armour for war but the tricky bastards wait until it wears out 6 hours later and your dreaming of heaven to bite the living shit out of you .

So last night I strut to the bathroom and I’m emptying my bladder, I heard the alto , the bass and the soprano in the choir over me .It was by sheer luck how I got out so quickly and in one piece.They are in the places you least expect and need the most . And I have way too many battle scars . I’m itching just thinking of them .

So as I log out and head on to war to lead my troops into battle and into enemy territory may the odds forever be in my favour .

Remember me word press. I shall see you in Vanhalla .

Tell my love tonight I dine with Odin and the Gods .




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