Every six months I buy a new ear phone .Every 5 months one ear phone stops working and then it goes bad all together . I buy different brands and let me tell you ear phones aren’t cheap especially if you want sound quality  .This earphone ,one plug just went bad  and it’s the shorter ear plug  that may have been yanked a couple of times sometimes when I get up . But even without any trouble these ear phones are giving up .I’m treating these earphones like eggs and they still go bad .

What are they making these stuff with ?

You use them half a dozen times and then they give up the ghost and now I’m propped up like i’m doing yoga to get some sound through it .

Earphone people get your shit together . Because I am not buying anymore . I understand like phone chargers you make triple the amount of money when you make these products faulty or not long lasting  but if I pay good money I expect good product . I bet if somebody decided to sue you guys over earphones you all would make earphones that lasted years .What I’m gonna do is get a head phone because I suck with earphones and y’all manufacturers suck too.

Now everybody is gonna know what i’m playing and watching and be all up in my business .dammit.Not to mention my mom ‘You broke my earphone ! ”

Aye yai yai !

Ay dios mio ! make better earphones .



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