So I have been on a successful diet , I haven’t had any junk food for awhile and the last high sugar product I had was an ice cream Sunday but nature kicks in , yes mother nature . I end up going to the super market and my unhealthy and healthy side did a war on my shoulder . My healthy side looks like a model , the unhealthy side looks like a sumo wrestler  and keeps telling me if I am going to die , then I’m gonna go so happy they gotta slim me down to go through the pearly gates  . I end up pulling out of that supermarket with ,brace yourself :

1.a pack of oreo

2.A bag of sour cream potato chips .

3. a pepsi

4.a slice of black forest cake

5.a crunch ice cream bar

and when I hit the cashier

6. a snicker bar .

I had never had such a junk food binge in all my life . And I found a dollar !!! I was in that super market looking like I won the lotto, hoping the owner didn’t come back for his dollar and we’d have to fight it out .Because let’s just say I have extra hormones going through me so if it’s a guy we’re maybe even and I could take him . Then I was up in the line contemplating if I should buy a hershey bar . What am I doing with my life ?

I was craving junk food, keeping it under control and then mother nature comes and efff everything up .I mean I be doing them exercises because if I see Chris Pratt somewhere he’s gonna leave Anna for this fine body . Who am I kidding .

But the good news is I haven’t ate any of it yet beacause I’m on wordpress getting rid of my guilt . But what I am going to do is I’m going to save them all and eat a small portion of one of the above each week as a treat .So no my diet isn’t disrupted .

Right .




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