Today I watched movies and hung out with my nephew . It was a cool day , it’s hanging out with younger kids that make you realise how immature you are . I skyped with my sister today , she looked so pretty . I dunno i’m up staring into semi darkness and just over thinking , hearing the car tires squeal by and the house is talking . It’s funny you know you think back over the years and realise how much you have evolved ,sometimes for the better and the worse and you find out how to fix these problems and if they’re fixable .Because sometimes its the worse part of you that defines you , makes you who are and to other people it might be better .

So now i’m on word press giving a long rant . He messaged me , you know the creepy pakistani guy , i forgot to block and erase him , erck .

What am i doing with my life wordpress ?

If all fails you’ll see me on the sidewalk in New York city with the sign “They’re everywhere ” .

I mean crazy is the best option , right ?

What are you doing with yours ?




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