What’s a guy’s worst fear ? Getting it up , how do I know ? Because I’m an expert . Read the newspaper advice columns , most questions are about where to get viagra , options to viagra , am I too young to not being able to get it up (these are funny ones ) , will this(illness , activity ) affect me getting it up and how to get it up .. .

You skip to the advertisements and you see massage therapists , sex therapists , pharmaceutical companies telling them they can help them get it up .

So I would assume that a guy’s worst fear is not getting it up , I mean the humiliation and worthlessness would be hard to imagine . The loss of opportunity and demise of self esteem is enough to make this the worst fear imagined besides some women are prone to never forgetting , gossiping and exaggeration .

You might as well live in exile .

Because it’s like waiting to go on a ride that was running it’s last night in 15 years that you’ve never been on that you’re just dying to go on and just as your up in the line the guy on speaker says it’s closing time and you feel like crying .So that’s how I imagine it for women .

or hearing that a loved has one has died .




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  1. “Am I too young to not being able to get hard?” Are the newspapers trying to make young men hard? LOL [sounds like something evil to me :/] I think one of a guys worst fears is his “man-hood” being rejected by someone he wants to hold close, it might cause them to close up & breakdown

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