What if the world you thought was real was just a fiction of your imagination , that in real life your in a mental hospital , that word press is just a place your mind created and  your character .You made him up . That everything you believe is all in your head and in the real world your either in a mental hospital or in a coma ?

The followers you have aren’t real just people you made up . Technology hasn’t advanced so far , are you out of your mind ?

That the people who you think are trying to hurt you are the nurses and doctors trying to help . It’s all in your mind.

And if you look in the mirror you’ll go mad because this new reality doesn’t fit the one you have in your mind .That all this religious beliefs that keeps you grounded and calm are just the drugs working .Everyday your somewhere else and never where you should be .

How’s the weather by the way ?

Where are you going today ? Who are you gong to meet ?

How do I know this ?

Because you made me up silly.




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