So my printer crashed this morning so I had to rush to the internet cafe to print my nephew’s assignment .Today is  a beautiful day , beautiful cool winds . I arrived at the cafe store with a fifteen minute time span in my mind download and print in ten minutes as I always do . But then this guy let’s call him Asshole decides that after opening the store from seven o clock in the morning to now around nine ,when he has customers,to go buy ink . Has one person ever just ruined your day ?

Asshole thin and gangly looks about late twenties , and acts like the place is his kingdom when in truth and fact we all know he just works behind the counter .He goes to the factory and makes the ink and fifteen minutes later he strolls in with earphones in like people aren’t waiting . Then he puts it in , then checks to see if the ink is printing correctly …

How can you work in a computer shop and not have the printer ready ?

I’m surprised the internet even worked in the place , or the computers or him  .

Then the lady before me went and printed and complained and complained ……And i’m standing there behind her waiting ever so patiently , staring at every where else except this guy because I was being good person today . Finally it’s my turn , the computer folder where i stored my document isn’t opening . Then asshole said “Didn’t she know the folder is closed ?”

The lady said “how would she know ?” , finally Asshole saved it on thumb drive and BRAVO ! it came up , he asks “What do you want in colour ?”

I whispered to annoy the beejeezus out of him , everything . I finally get my stuff , pay my money and look down at the document and realize the ink looks like when bleach hits colour . Drained and washed out . I hold myself and walk out with the document , chiding myself for not going to other cafe with better quality because it was too much guys in one room but they have the best print you’ve ever seen .

I’m now irritated that I didn’t tell Asshole off but now I’m glad. And now this is the beginning of places I hate .

Be scared because if I become a billionaire and you’re still working at these places , I’m coming back for you .

And if you’re on the road and you’re dying and I can save you I’m stepping over your bomboclaat and going on my merry way  .





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