I haven’t had a pepsi or coke in days and I feel like a druggie ! I feel like i’m running on empty fumes .I have always been addicted to both , I have one per day or every two days , I know it doesn’t sound that much .But now my addiction is kicking in and i’m trying to see how my body responds without any coke or pepsi .What I have realised is that i’m not that jumpy, not so energetic  , I think it’s the lack of sugar , I  also crave caffeinated tea . Yikes .

I have also recently  been contemplating the difference between coke and pepsi .I know it has always been a forever debate and will continue to be debated in future years . I am a lover of both and quite frankly I like the difference these caffeinated drinks have to offer but if I were to chose I would pick pepsi and here’s why .To me Pepsi has more acid , it has more bite , more kick .It tastes stronger and it’s flavour is more rich were versus the Coco Cola , it’s more smooth , but compared to Pepsi it tastes to me a bit more watered down.

The thing is I might have a coke or pepsi tomorrow .

So which do you prefer coke or pepsi

And why ?

Are you an addict to one of too ?




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